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What’s The Difference That Makes The Difference?

by on Sep.10, 2019, under Blog Posts, Inspiration & Motivation

I’m often asked this question…

How is it that some people who are faced with challenges move through them and grow and thrive.  And then there are others who are faced with challenges and they let the challenges destroy them.

Working with many clients over the last 20 years and studying the most current research on neuroscience, how the brain works, there is only one conclusion I can draw.  It depends on what you focus on.  You may think, well that’s easy for you to say but……..

I too have had my challenges, so I appreciate how if feels when you find yourself in scary, uncomfortable situations.  I was a single mom when my daughter was 6 months old and my son was 3 years and I had breast cancer twice, to name a few. But I knew I had to rise above these situations in order to move forward.

I’ve been asked many times how I was able to do that and create a happy, fulfilling and successful life.

It wasn’t easy, but it was simple.  Here are a few things that will support you in living the life you want.

  1. You have to be clear about what you want your life to look like.  What experiences do you want to have in all areas of your life.
  2. You have to take full responsibility for your life.  This is not about blaming yourself, it’s about recognizing you have the strength and power to create the life you want.
  3. You have to be willing to do what it takes.  You have to make changing your life a priority.  You have to have a deep desire to create the life you want.
  4. You have to know who you are at the core.  What are the qualities and characteristics that are your true essence and then make decisions based on your core identity.
  5. You have to remove any internal obstacles such as negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from living the life you want.  You have to do the inner work so you can create your outer world the way you want.

2019 September1

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), which gave me the tools to change my life.   This is why I love sharing this with others.   If this inspires you to change your life please contact me about my NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification and Identity By Design Workshop.

Lynn Robinson
NLP Master Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Author

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Breakthrough Leadership

by on Nov.11, 2018, under Corporate Breakthroughs Programs

Offered as a customized corporate in house program or as a general public program

Become the Leader You’d Want to Follow! To be a leader requires a strong inner sense of self, a deep desire to share your passion, and the confidence and skills to get your message across whether that’s with your team, your client, your family or your community. It all comes down to 3 things…
- who you are,
- what you stand for, and
- your ability to build trust in others so they can hear your message.

How do you know which leadership program is for you?If you’re looking for a unique approach to leadership that sets you apart from other leaders, we’d love to share our program with you. Built on a solid foundation of scientifically tested NLP principles, you will actually change your mental programming while you are in the room with us. You will leave with more clarity, more confidence and more ability to achieve your desired results.

Who It’s For: Business and Community Leaders, Managers, Executives, Sales People, Entrepreneurs.
Click Here to watch video testimonials from some of our recent graduates…

How do you know if you are a great leader?

A great leader is recognized by their presence. It is a given that you will be skilled at your area of expertise. The differentiating factor is your Presence. Leadership is a state of being, not a title. Nourish your spirit and become a leader that nourishes the spirit of others.


How do you become a great leader?

Session 1 – Mindset
It all starts within you… the possibility to succeed and have a huge positive impact in the world, or the certainty of smallness and failure. Programming your mindset at the deepest levels allows you to choose what you want for yourself, your business and your future.

  • Gain the mental clarity needed to move forward
  • Train your brain by developing a mindset of excellence
  • Learn principles that will have you rise above any situation
  • Change your stress response to a success response
  • Walk the path of change with grace

Session 2 – Communication Skills
We are always in communication – always sending messages to our clients, our partners, our team. Be in control of your communications to achieve your desired results, and understand more deeply what others are really saying.

  • Discover the meaning behind the words and always be one step ahead
  • Breakthrough communication barriers regardless of someone’s communication style
  • Become an active listener and make a stronger connection
  • Learn what to listen for and how to respond with intention
  • Discover Mindreading vs. the truth
  • Learn a formula for choosing your words purposefully to get the results you want

Session 3 – Coaching Skills / Problem Solving Strategies
Getting the most out of your team – whether it is 1 or 100 – allows you to have an even greater impact. Achieve more by empowering them to be their best!

  • Learn the power of asking vs. telling
  • Lead people from problem to solution
  • A strategy for changing perspectives and removing the emotional connection
  • Empower others to find their own solution
  • Help others develop a solution focused mindset

Session 4 – Presenting for Results
Whether you are speaking to your team, a public audience or your shareholders, having confidence and clarity when speaking in public is an essential tool of a True Leader.

  • Eliminate the fear of presenting
  • Learn the Format System to prepare your presentation for any size audience
  • Construct your presentation to include all learning styles
  • Develop voice flexibility to get your point across
  • Connect emotionally to your audience in the boardroom, a meeting or one-on-one
  • Gain the confidence to present your message

Become a master communicator, role model and mentor.

Hours: 32

Customized In House Corporate Training:

Cost: The Customized In House Breakthrough Leadership Training is $375 per hour. Pricing is based on a maximum of 5 participants.

General Public Training: Dates TBA

Cost: $1997 CDN

Do you qualify for an incredible government grant that covers 66% of the tuition for our Leadership Training Programs? Contact us to find out.



Here’s what people are saying…

“It is probably the most useful Leadership Training I have EVER taken personally or professionally. I increased my sales within two weeks so much that it more than covered the costs of the course and my time away from work. And it just keeps getting better.”

Cathy Osborne, President, Business By Design Solutions

“After experiencing the Executive Breakthrough program with Lynn, things have turned around completely. I was able to move forward with more clarity, focus and direction in a way that also benefited the entire family. I would fully recommend this program to anyone who feels stuck and wants to breakthrough the barriers stopping you from achieving your potential and living your life to the fullest.”

Elaine Allison, Speaker, Author, Presentations Plus Inc.

“Powerful skills in all aspects of life! – Lynn’s training is key in assisting individuals to connect with their unique excellence, living a life they love with purpose and passion. It’s the full meal deal to the max! Amazing teaching, incredible people, – it’s a wow every time!”

Toby Schnoor, RPC, Shift Happens Relationship & Life Coaching

“As assistant Vice President at Mellon Europe, I lead a team of six staff and report in to several CEO’s of Mellon’s various European Businesses. The team is multi-skilled and covers operational and project based responsibilities within a very demanding financial market. Since returning from the Leadership Training, many things have improved including relationships with customer, suppliers, vendors and staff. The skills have benefited me in my personal life, my career and also increased the level of productivity that Mellon Europe now receives from the Market Data Services Team.”

Simon Burlong – Assistant Vice President – Mellon Europe Ltd.

Do you qualify for an incredible government grant that covers 66% of the tuition for our Leadership Training Programs? Contact us to find out.

Breakthrough Leadership

Invest in yourself: $1997 CDN

4 Day Skill Based Training

Dates TBA

Register Now

Register Now
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What Does Your Body Language Say About You?

by on Jul.29, 2013, under Blog Posts, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills

I was so excited when I saw this video…

MindBodyConnection…..because it scientifically validated what we’ve been teaching for so long – how the mind and body are connected, how our thoughts affect our physiology and our physiology affects our thoughts, and ultimately how both impact our success in life and in business.

This research has proven that we can learn how to have a powerful positive impact on others by learning how to utilize body language to get the result we want. Whether you like it or not the moment someone sees you they make a split second decision about you.

As a leader you want to…..

… in control of how people perceive you. Do they see you as a powerful leader? Or do they see your insecurities and inadequacies? Most people just accept the way they’re feeling and put no thought into preparing themselves mentally, emotionally and physically before interacting with others. 

This video is a great reminder of how it is a learned skill for many and how quickly and easily we can prepare ourselves in a way that will create a positive impression with others.

This isn’t about whether you have it naturally or not…..

…’s about being able to conjure it up when you need it, and knowing how to do that. This skill impacts us personally and professionally and as we’ve heard many times, you never have a second chance to make a first impression.

Take a look at this video and see how you can change an outcome by two minutes of simple preparation. PowerPose

Video on Non Verbal Communication Through Body Language

This is so powerful and one of the reasons we include non-verbal communication in our Breakthrough Leadership Program. It’s something that has to be experienced to gain the full benefit of maximizing your non verbal communication through body language.

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Age is an Attitude – MP3 Download

by on Sep.01, 2011, under Free Stuff

Age is an Attitude – it’s up to you to decide what your attitude is going to be.

Enjoy this free MP3 download narrated by Lynn Robinson. Click Here to download the file.

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Hold on to Your Vision

by on Feb.10, 2011, under Blog Posts, Inspiration & Motivation, Lynn Robinson Tips, Success Strategies

Have you ever had a vision that you gave up on?   For 17 years, I’ve held on to a vision of The Robinson Group training team and my vision has finally become a reality.  We have recently welcomed 3 new trainers to our team.  So many times people have approached me about working with us and somehow it just wasn’t the right fit.  At times it was very disappointing.  It’s so easy to give in and give up, and make choices that you know aren’t giving you what you want.  Every so often I would think that this is never going to happen…..and tell myself to just forget it.  But, somehow, it would always pop back into my head and if I was honest, I knew I still really wanted to create a training team with like minded people.

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