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What Our Clientele Have to Say About Us:

Here is what Graduate Jaynie Clark has to say about our Breakthrough Leadership program:

Here is what Graduate Hilary Hanna, Vice President, Gemaco Sales Ltd. has to say about our Breakthrough Leadership program:

“Lynn you have a gift of insight, perception and presence that allows individuals to access information that they did not have access to on their own. In my case working with you has helped me break through self-created barriers and self-destructive thought patterns. Your non-judgmental questions are so powerful that they force me to really look deep inside to find out what beliefs I hold and how to shift those beliefs to new behaviors. In a nutshell you have been an integral part of my healing journey towards self-love, better relationships and meaningful work. Thank you!”

Cheryl Cran, CSP,

“The results have been beyond my wildest dreams. Every single person in attendance had aspects of their lives transformed – whether it be letting go of unsupportive beliefs, habbits or emotions;or, developing successful communication skills.”

Anna Christensen, Inward Bound

“This teaching gave a whole new meaning to taking every thought captive – I was now empowered to change my perception of others. Once I learned these techniques my health improved as well as many relational situations that I encountered both professionally and personally.”

Paula Vanderham, Co-founder/Director, Sensus Research Inc.

“As assistant Vice President at Mellon Europe, I lead a team of six staff and report in to several CEO’s of Mellon’s various European Businesses. The team is multi-skilled and covers operational and project based responsibilities within a very demanding financial market. Since returning from the Leadership Training, many things have improved including relationships with customer, suppliers, vendors and staff. The skills have benefited me in my personal life, my career and also increased the level of productivity that Mellon Europe now receives from the Market Data Services Team.”

Simon Burlong – Assistant Vice President – Mellon Europe Ltd.

“It is probably the most useful Leadership Training I have EVER taken personally or professionally. I increased my sales within two weeks so much that it more than covered the costs of the course and my time away from work. And it just keeps getting better.”

Cathy Osborne, President, Business By Design Solutions

“I did not fully understand how to use the power of the unconscious mind until I took my training with the Robinson Group. The training inspired me to create a children’s CD as a positive alternative to all the negative nursery rhymes that children’s unconscious minds are fed. It has also helped me get better results with my clients. Lynn has a generous style of teaching and is very committed to helping people grow and be successful.”

Nancy Bradshaw, Spark Strategies

“After experiencing the Executive Breakthrough program with Lynn, things have turned around completely. I was able to move forward with more clarity, focus and direction in a way that also benefited the entire family. I would fully recommend this program to anyone who feels stuck and wants to breakthrough the barriers stopping you from achieving your potential and living your life to the fullest.”

Elaine Allison, Speaker, Author, Presentations Plus Inc.

“I have just completed the NLP Practitioner and BottomLine Leadership Training. I have attended numerous training sessions over the past 20 years and was delighted to find Lynn Robinson’s style and capability to train refreshing. The course itself is amazing in that it does completely make clear Neuro Linguistic Programming. Something an array of trainers are also able to do. What makes The Robinson Group training so unique and refreshing is the style with which the classes are conducted by Lynn Robinson. I felt as though the course was being delivered directly to me. My learning style, my comfort level and my involvement were completely taken care of throughout the course. This allowed me to be in a state of intense learning and understanding. She delivers the information with validity for the work, the science and the relevance. I found it fascinating that at the end of each course day I left feeling energized. The course wa worth more than the registration fee and I realized this within hours of the commencement of the training. At such a deep level I am fortunate to have known that this course exists in this format and that it was made available for my education. The participants in the course were wonderful people as well. When you are in the training room with Lynn, you are well aware that you are in the presence of a Master Educator.”

Sharon Villars, Business Development Western Canada, Apple Express Source Logistics

“A skill, which totally changes your life, what can I say! Unique, powerful, enlightening, inspirational, incredible, clear…truly the missing piece that allows individuals to experience exceptional heights – with base & total wholeness. This was the ultimate group & training experience and all the icing you put on the cake Lynn. All the extra practical procedures you connect into your training is a cut above the rest…”

Judy Clark, Director of Recruitment, Retention and Recognition PHSA

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