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Ignite The Soul of Your Business

by on Feb.23, 2020, under Corporate Breakthroughs Programs

A 5 Day Transformational Workshop

Reawaken your passion and purpose. Bring new energy into your business. Are you searching for more than just the surface “stuff” and want to truly make a difference through your work?

Ignite The Soul of Your Business was created for those who want to express who you are at the core and what you stand for personally and professionally. There is often a separation between who we are personally and who we are in our business. We sometimes feel we have to comply with the rules of doing business in a certain way even if it doesn’t feel right.

We‘re not all motivated by money and making 7 figures. Many of us are motivated by our values, our passion around a certain subject or even feel a calling to contribute in some specific way. In order to do this we have to be fully aligned with who we are at the core and bring that to life in our business.

That’s what Ignite The Soul of Your Business is designed to do. There is a new paradigm of doing business and it requires a higher level of consciousness. Learn how to inspire, motivate and influence by doing the inner work as well as learning advanced skills to implement your expertise.

To be a part of this new approach to business means we have to connect with who we are at the core and then learn how to express this fully in our business. Ignite The Soul of Your Business will give you the mindset and the practical skills to do this.

You will learn:

  • How to unify your passion, purpose and ambition
  • How to balance doing and being to create aligned success
  • How to utilize the most current research in Neuroscience and Quantum Physics to positively impact your results
  • What is consciousness and why does it matter
  • A way to align your core essence and express it in your business
  • How to release negative emotions that hold you hostage
  • How to identify beliefs that are totally unconscious and holding you back
  • How to release beliefs that limit you and create new beliefs that move your forward
  • How to Identify your true purpose and vision
  • How to align your purpose with congruent actions
  • How to recognize motivation strategies and how they support or limit you
  • How to develop success motivation strategies that inspire others to take action
  • How to build strong lasting relationships
  • Advanced communication skills to achieve your outcomes
  • How to connect on a deep level with your clients
  • Decision making strategies that align with your purpose/vision
  • The difference between mindreading and the true meaning of the communication
  • A problem solving strategy to support yourself and others
  • And much much more

Join us if you want to Ignite the Soul of Your Business

Course Outline:

Session 1 – Integrating Your Core Essence into Your Life

  • Discover your personal purpose/vision
  • Identify and connect with your core essence
  • Clarify your mission and ambition
  • Prioritize your values and use them as a decision making strategy
  • Identify your unconscious beliefs that are stopping you from living your full potential
  • Experience TimeLine Techniques to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs

Session 2 – Aligning Your Business with Your Core Essence

  • Align and merge your personal purpose with your business purpose/vision
  • Integrate your core essence into the Identity and Mission of your business
  • Align your personal values with your business values
  • Use a beliefs assessment process to align your Head, Heart and Gut to your goals
  • Receive a set of questions to ask yourself so you can stay aligned with your core essence
  • Strategies to stay aligned and balanced to achieve your outcomes

Session 3 – Success Mindset

  • Gain the mental clarity needed to move forward
  • Train your brain by developing a mindset of excellence
  • Learn principles that will have you rise above any situation
  • Change your stress response to a success response
  • Walk the path of change with grace
  • Develop a strategy for bringing your ambition into reality

Session 4 – Advanced Communication Skills

  • Discover the meaning behind the words and always be one step ahead
  • Breakthrough communication barriers regardless of someone’s communication style
  • Become an active listener and make a stronger connection
  • Learn what to listen for and how to respond with intention
  • Discover Mindreading vs. the truth
  • Learn a formula for choosing your words purposefully to get the results you want
  • Learn the power of asking vs. telling

Session 5 –

  • Learn a powerful process for achieving your outcomes
  • Identify the skills and actions you need to achieve your mission and ambition
  • Create a plan to integrate these skills and actions
  • Lead people from problem to solution
  • A strategy for changing perspectives and removing the emotional connection
  • Empower others to find their own solution
  • Learn a strategy for building confidence, inner strength and personal power


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Identity by Design

by on Mar.09, 2019, under Personal Breakthroughs Programs

Discover your true identity

At this point in time, there are many people who have lost their sense of self, they have lost their direction and are asking the question “who am I” and “where do I go from here”.

Life has a way of throwing us a curve ball when we least expect it. Some of the natural processes of life can cause us to feel lost and questioning our sense of self. Some of these times are when our children leave home, we get divorced, we retire, change careers, are made redundant, or even the joy of starting a family. It’s almost as if people have lost their identity and direction because of these changes.

Identity is a critical part of why people feel lost and have no sense of direction. Because of this, discovering who you are at the core becomes the most important step in regaining your sense of self.

Our Identity by Design program helps you to discover your true identity and how to carry this forward into your life, helping you adjust to whatever situation you are faced with, as you move forward.

On this 1 day course, you will learn how to:

  • Recognise the difference between Identity and roles
  • Redefine Identity
  • Recognise the difference between goals vs experience
  • Apply the 5 steps to keep you moving forward
  • Learn from your past
  • Design your Core Identity
  • Integrate this into all areas of your life
  • Apply new strategies to move through change with grace and confidence

If you find yourself at a place of change in your life, or asking the questions “who am I” or “where do I go from here”, we would love you to join us!


Invest in Yourself and Register Now – Space is Limited.

Date: TBA
Location: White Rock, Canada
Your Presenter: Lynn Robinson
Your Investment: $250



What others think of the course:

“Fantastic day of inspiring training!”

“Absolutely amazing day, thank you Emma and Lynn for creating such a thought provoking and life changing course, and everyone who attended for being so lovely.”

“Today was fabulous – delighted to be a part of it!”

“An amazing day. Thank you.”





Invest in Yourself and Register Now – Space is Limited.

Date: April 4, 2020
Location: White Rock, Canada
Your Presenter: Lynn Robinson
Your Investment: $250








This program is an International Collaboration between Lynn Robinson, The Robinson Group, Canada and Emma McNally, Achieve Your Greatness, UK.

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TRG Leadership and Sales Academy

by on Mar.02, 2015, under Corporate Breakthroughs Programs

Customize Your Training Program To Achieve Breakthrough Performance

The following training programs are stand-alone and can also be grouped to customize a complete training program, which will meet your specific training needs. We offer the following modules in a one-on-one setting as well as group setting.

All programs are designed to give you practical tools and techniques to improve business performance, accelerate business growth and increase revenues.

Excellence in Leadership requires a wide range of skills to be able to inspire, motivate and influence others both internally and externally allowing you to achieve yours goals and objectives.

All programs are appropriate for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and working professionals. All participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program.

The program can be customized to suit your needs by selecting from the following modules:

Leadership Skills

Module 1 – Program Overview

Assessment of Leadership Style
Leadership Core Competencies
10 Principles of Excellence
Inspire a shared vision
Align your actions with your vision for results
Clearly define your goals and outcomes

Module 2 – Program Overview

Selecting a strong team
How to motivate and engage your team
Elements of rapport
Foster trust and loyalty
Skills to be a strong influencer
Coach, mentor or manage for best results
Relationship management

Module 3 – Program Overview

Effective tools and techniques for managing change
Delegation techniques
Decision making techniques
Conflict management
Negotiation techniques
Brainstorming techniques
Effective meetings

Communication Skills

Communicating for results takes a level of skill that is learned. Most misunderstandings, errors, conflicts and loss of customers and sales comes down to communication skills. No matter how good your idea or product is, if you are not able to communicate this in a way that is understood you will never be able to actualize your potential success. Listening skills are also a major aspect of communication skills. You have to know how to listen, what to listen for and how to respond appropriately and effectively, utilizing what you heard.

Module 1 – Program Overview

Communication style assessment
Flexibility in your communication to achieve outcomes
Barriers to listening
Active listening skills

Module 2 – Program Overview

Breakthrough communication barriers
Rapport skills to build trust and loyalty
How to deal with difficult people
Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
The power of words
Influential language

Module 3 – Program Overview

Four levels of communicating
Communication myths that limit your results
Clearly communicate your message
Adapt your communication for results
Asking questions vs telling to get buy in

Presentation Skills

Whether you are speaking to your team, a public audience or your shareholders, having confidence and clarity when speaking in public is an essential tool of a Leader. To get results, there are 3 areas of skill development required to get your message across; preparation of your material, your physical presence and confidence level, and your ability to clearly and concisely articulate your message.

Module 1
Basic Presentation Skills – Program Overview

Voice control and flexibility
Body Language
Structuring your presentation
Clearly articulate your message
Connect with your audience

Module 2
Advanced Presentation Skills – Program Overview

Addressing the different learning styles
Integrating the learning styles into your presentation
Stage presence
Presentation practice
Feedback for improvements

Module 3
Developing Successful Workshops – Program Overview

Outcome focused training model
How to structure a training workshop
Development of training material
How to engage your audience
Practice presenting material
Feedback for improvement

Sales Skills

The in-depth material presented in our sales training modules are designed to give you a confident and professional approach to selling. The tools and techniques presented are results focused to accelerate your sales to meet your objectives. Learn step-by-step strategies to build loyalty and trust with your clients while increasing your bottom-line.

Sales Skills 1 – Program Overview

Introduction to “The 5 Step Sales Model”
Sales Style Assessment
Listening Skills
Goal Setting System
Communication Style Preference Assessment
Develop a successful mindset

Sales Skills 2 – Program Overview

The 5 Step Sales Model
Improve sales performance
Increase your closing ratio
Elicit and utilize buying strategies
Value based selling techniques

Sales Skills 3 – Program Overview

Handling objections and concerns
Overcoming fear of cold calling
Setting outcomes
Customize your sales approach/presentation

Team Development

Program overview

Selecting the right team
Taking the team from Vision to Action
Fostering collaboration and co-operation
Aligning team and company values

Contact Now – Please fill out this form to have us call you to discuss a customized program.

Register Now
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Believe it or not it’s True – Webinar

by on Sep.15, 2013, under Free Stuff

Listen in to a recording of our live event “Believe it or not it’s True”, presented by Lynn Robinson, by following this link:

(When the page opens, click ‘Slides’ to listen to the webinar and watch a slideshow presentation at the same time.)

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Outcome Process for Positive Results

by on Sep.07, 2013, under Free Stuff

Utilizing the Outcome Process in Relationship Building

Outcomes are key to your success. They are more than goals and the more clarity you have around your outcomes, the more likely you are to complete your interaction with others successfully.

Before communicating with your client take a moment to:
1. Imagine going out 5 minutes past the successful completion of your conversation.
2. Imagine it as if you’re there now.
3. Notice what you see, hear, what you’re doing, what you’re saying to yourself and how it feels to have successfully completed the interaction or situation.
4. Connect to the feeling. The more you utilize all of your senses the more connected you’ll be to your outcome.

When you’ve completed the process, take a moment to focus and then proceed to take action.

This process helps you to clarify your intention and gives you focus, which makes you better prepared.

This is also a very useful process to overcome anxiety or help you feel different about a situation you’re
not looking forward to. It will also greatly influence your results.

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