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Identity by Design

by on Mar.09, 2019, under Personal Breakthroughs Programs

Discover your true identity

At this point in time, there are many people who have lost their sense of self, they have lost their direction and are asking the question “who am I” and “where do I go from here”.

Life has a way of throwing us a curve ball when we least expect it. Some of the natural processes of life can cause us to feel lost and questioning our sense of self. Some of these times are when our children leave home, we get divorced, we retire, change careers, are made redundant, or even the joy of starting a family. It’s almost as if people have lost their identity and direction because of these changes.

Identity is a critical part of why people feel lost and have no sense of direction. Because of this, discovering who you are at the core becomes the most important step in regaining your sense of self.

Our Identity by Design program helps you to discover your true identity and how to carry this forward into your life, helping you adjust to whatever situation you are faced with, as you move forward.

On this 1 day course, you will learn how to:

  • Recognise the difference between Identity and roles
  • Redefine Identity
  • Recognise the difference between goals vs experience
  • Apply the 5 steps to keep you moving forward
  • Learn from your past
  • Design your Core Identity
  • Integrate this into all areas of your life
  • Apply new strategies to move through change with grace and confidence

If you find yourself at a place of change in your life, or asking the questions “who am I” or “where do I go from here”, we would love you to join us!


Invest in Yourself and Register Now – Space is Limited.

Date: September 14, 2019
Location: White Rock, Canada
Your Presenter: Lynn Robinson
Your Investment: $250



What others think of the course:

“Fantastic day of inspiring training!”

“Absolutely amazing day, thank you Emma and Lynn for creating such a thought provoking and life changing course, and everyone who attended for being so lovely.”

“Today was fabulous – delighted to be a part of it!”

“An amazing day. Thank you.”





Invest in Yourself and Register Now – Space is Limited.

Date: September 14, 2019
Location: White Rock, Canada
Your Presenter: Lynn Robinson
Your Investment: $250








This program is an International Collaboration between Lynn Robinson, The Robinson Group, Canada and Emma McNally, Achieve Your Greatness, UK.

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Operations and People Management in the Face of Change

by on Dec.10, 2016, under Corporate Breakthroughs Programs

A Customized Program

This extensive, in-depth course explores key operational aspects of business management for executives. It introduces concepts and strategies related to various stages of business growth – from recruiting new employees and building corporate culture to managing change and building team resilience. This course also equips participants for dealing with mergers, conducting reviews and preparing reports to effectively monitor and track company growth.

Course Components

Module 1 – Team-Building and Corporate Culture (12 hours)

Focuses on the foundations of building a strong team and fostering trust and loyalty in collaborative environments. Introduces key concepts and techniques in relationship management. Teaches best practices of influencing, motivating and engaging team members for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Module 2 – Change Management (12 hours)

Covers effective tools and techniques for managing change in organizations. Deals with key concepts and practices related to delegation, decision-making, conflict management and negotiation. Introduces techniques for effective, results-driven brainstorming.

Module 3 – Hiring The Right Employees (12 hours)

Introduces the concept of company culture, and helps employees identify some of the company’s salient cultural traits. Explores key strategies for hiring employees that fit the company culture. Delves into best practices for recruiting and onboarding. Introduces a system for identifying motivation, work and management traits, among others, in potential employees.

Module 4 – Staff Retention (12 hours)

Building on the previous modules, this section covers key techniques for keeping staff motivated, engaged and productive. It focuses on identifying various motivating factors, and introduces best practices related to strengthening and upholding a high-performance organizational culture.

Module 5 – Advanced Communication Skills (12 hours)

Covers the intricacies of intra-organizational communication, including the art of asking questions, actively listening to interlocutors, and dealing with difficult people and situations. Introduces different communication styles and practical best practices for conversing with those who are different from oneself.

Module 6 – Resilience in the Workplace (12 hours)

Explores various methodologies for improving resilience in difficult or stressful situations. Introduces the necessary steps for developing a bounce back strategy for recuperating from adverse situations and/or circumstances.

Module 7 – Change Management (12 hours)

Building on previous modules, this section introduces a five-step process for successfully introducing change within organizations. This includes managing unforeseen change and dealing with negative pushback from team members with respect to implementation of new processes and/or practices.

Module 8 – Mergers (12 hours)

This module provides key strategies and methodologies for dealing with company mergers. It explores ways of overcoming post-merger challenges, change assessment and implementation of new policies.

Module 9 – Performance Reviews (12 hours)

Enables participants to plan and conduct performance reviews within their organization. Focuses on various stages from preparation, evaluation, communication, expectation-setting and employee guidance.

Module 10 – Writing Effective Reports (12 hours)

Explores why effective reports are key to successful project management. Instructs on writing reports for different audiences (including purpose, structure, content, tone) and addresses the balance between ‘too much’ and ‘too little’ information. Includes examples of reports written for different audiences, which trainees are required to assess and improve.

Cost: per person $7,895 +GST

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Effective Post-Merger Change Management

by on Dec.10, 2016, under Corporate Breakthroughs Programs

A Customized Program

This course is designed to provide staff members with fundamental concepts and practical skills for dealing with corporate mergers or other organizational restructuring. It explores different approaches to managing change within an expanding organization, and provides strategies for performing well in these new environments.

Participants learn how to adjust their roles and responsibilities in light of a merger, be recognized in a larger team environment, and identify and address problem areas within their departments. This program also introduces key communication styles and techniques for respectfully and professionally dealing with each other.

Course Components

Module 1: Change Management (40 hours)

Equips participants with effective tools and techniques for managing change in the workplace, especially after a merger or other corporate restructuring. Participants learn about adjustments to company values, best practices for dealing with new intra-organizational relationships and developing trust in new corporate executives. The module teaches staff to view a merger as an opportunity for continued growth where a strong collaborative environment must be fostered. It also explores various ways of measuring resilience, as well as concrete ways to become more resilient in the face of organizational change.

Module 2 – Team Development (40 hours)

Prepares participants for adapting to a new and larger corporate team. Teaches delegation techniques, brainstorming methods, and the most effective ways for adjusting responsibilities after a corporate merger. This module will touch on workflow development, including various approaches to designing and maintaining a functional workflow. Participants also learn how to identify and evaluate problem areas, as well as best practices for helping teams take ownership for problem areas and working together to improve them.

Module 3 – Communication (40 hours)

Explores key styles and techniques for effective communication with colleagues and managers in expanding organizations. Participants learn the intricacies of different communication styles, including how to identify and converse with each. Actively listening and conveying thoughts and arguments respectfully, especially in challenging situations, is a central focus of this module

Cost: per person $7,895 +GST

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Leadership and Communication Skills for Building Strong Client Relations

by on Mar.29, 2016, under Corporate Breakthroughs Programs

This program has been designed for those in the company whose responsibilities are primarily client facing. As such, these individuals are – consciously or subconsciously – the face of the company to a wide multitude of stakeholders. They are required to liaise continually between the senior executives, internal departments, and numerous clients. They must problem-solve, practice active listening, promote collaboration, provide excellent customer service, and communicate effectively with many others in the company. To succeed in this role, a professional presence and strong communication skills are essential in order to represent the culture of the company and lead by example. This course aims to teach these client-oriented employees to become solutions-oriented; effective team players; strong communicators with internal and external stakeholders; key contributors to company culture; and leaders by example.

All participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program.

The program can be customized to suit your needs by selecting from the following modules:

Module 1

Knowing your Communication style
Flexibility in your communication to achieve outcomes
Barriers to listening
Active listening skills

Hours: 6

Module 2

Break through communication barriers
Rapport skills to build trust and loyalty
How to deal with difficult clients
Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
The power of words
Influential language

Hours: 6

Module 3

Four levels of communicating
Communication myths that limit your results
Clearly communicate your message
Adapt your communication for results
Asking questions vs telling to get buy in

Hours: 6

Module 4

Effective tools and techniques for managing conflicting priorities
Decision making techniques
Conflict management
Excellence in client care
Keys to superior customer service

Hours: 6

Module 5

Your role as part of the team
Developing good team work ethics
Fostering collaboration and co-operation
Problem solving strategies
Leading by example

Hours: 6-18

Cost: The TRG Leadership and Communication Skills for Building Strong Client Relations is $375 per hour. Pricing is based on a maximum of 10 participants.

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Executive Level Management Training

by on Dec.21, 2015, under Corporate Breakthroughs Programs

Customized to meet your Company Needs

Excellence in leadership requires a wide range of management skills to be able to inspire, motivate and influence others both internally and externally facilitating the achievement of goals and objectives.

This program is designed to provide participants with the skills to improve business performance, accelerate business growth and increase revenues.

Participants will learn practical tools and skills to become a strong, forward thinking, strategic leader.

All participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program.

A customized program can be designed by selecting from the following modules:

Module 1

Developing a Strong Corporate Culture

  • Defining your Corporate Culture
  • How to develop a corporate culture that accelerates company growth
  • A strategy for successfully implementing corporate culture

Hours: 6-15

Module 2

Hiring The Right Employees

  • How to hire employees that fit your culture
  • On-boarding practices
  • A system for identifying motivation, work, and management traits
  • Successful interviews

Hours: 6-18

Module 3

Staff Retention

  • Design performance management systems that increase productivity
  • Create and sustain a high-performance culture
  • How to determine what motivates employees
  • Clearly define expectations and opportunity

Hours: 6-15

Module 4

Advanced Communication Skills

  • The art of asking questions
  • Active listening skills
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Identifying different communication styles
  • Gaining flexibility in your communication to achieve your outcome
  • How to motivate others

Hours: 12-20

Module 5

Coaching and Mentoring

  • Dealing with unsatisfactory performance
  • Recognizing the difference between coaching, mentoring and managing
  • A 4 Step Process for moving from problem to solution

Hours: 6-12

Module 6

Presentation Skills

  • Presenting from a place of authority and confidence
  • Defining your Corporate Culture
  • Stage presence
  • Presentation formatting
  • How to clearly articulate your message

Hours: 6-18

Module 7

Team Development

  • Choosing your leadership team
  • How to foster team loyalty
  • How to maximize individual strengths while working as a cohesive team
  • How to assess strengths and weaknesses of the team

Hours: 12-15

Module 8

Vision to Action

  • Strategies for achieving your vision
  • How to implement your strategy
  • 7 Step Decision Making Strategy aligned with your vision

Hours: 12-18

Module 9

Resilience in the Workplace

  • Develop a bounce back strategy
  • Practical solutions for everyday setbacks
  • Build confidence in your ability to face whatever comes your way
  • Learn how to stay calm and focused in stressful situations

Hours: 6-15

Module 10

Change Management

  • How to manage unforeseen change
  • How to be flexible while staying focused on the outcome
  • A 5 Step Process for successfully introducing change
  • Dealing with push-back

Hours: 12-18

Module 11

Preparing for a Merger

  • How to Prepare staff for a successful merger
  • How to introduce a merger into the current culture

Hours: 6-18

Cost: The Executive Level Management Training is $500 per hour. Pricing is based on a maximum of 10 participants.

The program can be customized to suit your needs. Contact us for further information.

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