NLP Training Vancouver

Ignite The Soul of Your Business

A 5 Day Transformational Workshop

Reawaken your passion and purpose. Bring new energy into your business. Are you searching for more than just the surface “stuff” and want to truly make a difference through your work?

Ignite The Soul of Your Business was created for those who want to express who you are at the core and what you stand for personally and professionally. There is often a separation between who we are personally and who we are in our business. We sometimes feel we have to comply with the rules of doing business in a certain way even if it doesn’t feel right.

We‘re not all motivated by money and making 7 figures. Many of us are motivated by our values, our passion around a certain subject or even feel a calling to contribute in some specific way. In order to do this we have to be fully aligned with who we are at the core and bring that to life in our business.

That’s what Ignite The Soul of Your Business is designed to do. There is a new paradigm of doing business and it requires a higher level of consciousness. Learn how to inspire, motivate and influence by doing the inner work as well as learning advanced skills to implement your expertise.

To be a part of this new approach to business means we have to connect with who we are at the core and then learn how to express this fully in our business. Ignite The Soul of Your Business will give you the mindset and the practical skills to do this.

You will learn:

  • How to unify your passion, purpose and ambition
  • How to balance doing and being to create aligned success
  • How to utilize the most current research in Neuroscience and Quantum Physics to positively impact your results
  • What is consciousness and why does it matter
  • A way to align your core essence and express it in your business
  • How to release negative emotions that hold you hostage
  • How to identify beliefs that are totally unconscious and holding you back
  • How to release beliefs that limit you and create new beliefs that move your forward
  • How to Identify your true purpose and vision
  • How to align your purpose with congruent actions
  • How to recognize motivation strategies and how they support or limit you
  • How to develop success motivation strategies that inspire others to take action
  • How to build strong lasting relationships
  • Advanced communication skills to achieve your outcomes
  • How to connect on a deep level with your clients
  • Decision making strategies that align with your purpose/vision
  • The difference between mindreading and the true meaning of the communication
  • A problem solving strategy to support yourself and others
  • And much much more

Join us if you want to Ignite the Soul of Your Business

Course Outline:

Session 1 – Integrating Your Core Essence into Your Life

  • Discover your personal purpose/vision
  • Identify and connect with your core essence
  • Clarify your mission and ambition
  • Prioritize your values and use them as a decision making strategy
  • Identify your unconscious beliefs that are stopping you from living your full potential
  • Experience TimeLine Techniques to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs

Session 2 – Aligning Your Business with Your Core Essence

  • Align and merge your personal purpose with your business purpose/vision
  • Integrate your core essence into the Identity and Mission of your business
  • Align your personal values with your business values
  • Use a beliefs assessment process to align your Head, Heart and Gut to your goals
  • Receive a set of questions to ask yourself so you can stay aligned with your core essence
  • Strategies to stay aligned and balanced to achieve your outcomes

Session 3 – Success Mindset

  • Gain the mental clarity needed to move forward
  • Train your brain by developing a mindset of excellence
  • Learn principles that will have you rise above any situation
  • Change your stress response to a success response
  • Walk the path of change with grace
  • Develop a strategy for bringing your ambition into reality

Session 4 – Advanced Communication Skills

  • Discover the meaning behind the words and always be one step ahead
  • Breakthrough communication barriers regardless of someone’s communication style
  • Become an active listener and make a stronger connection
  • Learn what to listen for and how to respond with intention
  • Discover Mindreading vs. the truth
  • Learn a formula for choosing your words purposefully to get the results you want
  • Learn the power of asking vs. telling

Session 5 –

  • Learn a powerful process for achieving your outcomes
  • Identify the skills and actions you need to achieve your mission and ambition
  • Create a plan to integrate these skills and actions
  • Lead people from problem to solution
  • A strategy for changing perspectives and removing the emotional connection
  • Empower others to find their own solution
  • Learn a strategy for building confidence, inner strength and personal power


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