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September 11, 2001 – There’s No Going Back

Do you remember where you were and how you felt about the tragic event of 9/11? Who were you thinking about? How do you feel when you think back to that event? Do you remember just the tragedy or do you remember the amazing courage and kindness that flooded New York?

2001 started out as my best year as far as business goes. I had been hired by a company out of New York and London, England to develop training programs and deliver them in some of the most amazing venues I had ever worked in.

At the end of August I was presenting in New York and flying on to London to present the same program. We were delivering a leadership program to clients in the financial markets.

As usual I met some amazing people in each of the workshops and spent time with the leadership team doing some strategizing.

When I left London, the team was also leaving to set up for a trade show in the world trade center in New York. They were so enthusiastic about the show. Some of them were attending for the first time and were very excited about being a part of the event.

One of my best friends and also a business colleague, was supposed to be there for the set up. He decided he would instead go on September 11th.

As we awoke to the newsflashes about the twin towers, all I could think about was all the people who I knew would be attending the tradeshow.

I had no way of knowing if my best friend had already arrived or who was in the building at the time. I tried to call London to find out if anyone knew anything only to find all circuits busy.

As I waited for news along with so many others, I remembered how each day we went through the World Trade Center to get the subway to the office. I remembered the first time I went to Windows on the World in the trade center on the 107 floor of tower two, watching the planes fly at the same height we were at.

Finally I heard from my friend, he was just about to board when the first plane hit. I was so grateful for his safety. Now the wait for the rest of the news.

Unfortunately we lost most of the people in the New York office and the team from the London office.

The personal loss was very sad for so many people and yet everyone had to carry on.

I was asked to help coach the people who were left. This was a great challenge and meant that I had to first reconcile things within myself before I could help others.

I had no idea just how much this would personally impact my life. At the time all I could think of was the others who were impacted and how I could help.

Eight years later looking back there was no way of knowing the positive impact of this tragic event that would permeate our lives.

We saw differences put aside, acts of kindness, generosity, an outpouring of love and a real appreciation for the special relationships we have in our own life. We cherished those special people and took nothing for granted.

Are we still living like that or have we forgotten?

Treasure each day because there is no going back.

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