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Do You Have Healthy Emotions?

Do you over react to situations, lose your temper easily, resent things that don’t go your way? Are your feelings hurt easily?

Our emotions are a wonderful part of our experiences. They are the feeling side of life. Without our emotions, every experience would be the same.

Our emotions are an automatic response that sometimes serves us and sometimes does not. Because our emotions are something we’re not always in control of, they are good indicators for our health and well being.

Scientific studies have proven that our emotions are stored holographically throughout our body at a cellular level. It has also been scientifically proven that because of this, an over abundance of negative emotions can lead to challenges for our health and well being.

As well as posing health challenges, an over abundance of negative emotions can cause challenges in relationships, both personally and professionally.

When someone is filled with anger or sadness as an example, all it takes is one wrong word or one wrong look and an eruption of emotion takes place. It’s impossible to hold back our feelings permanently. Eventually someone will trigger the emotion by pushing the right “button”.

They can only push the ‘button” if you have one so it’s your responsibility to remove it. Your response has nothing to do with the person, it’s all about you. If you are not filled up with negative emotions, your response will be appropriate for the situation.

Saying I’m sorry only works for so long.

It isn’t appropriate to lose your temper and verbally abuse or attack people, or cry during a commercial, or feel guilty doing something good for yourself.

The good news is, it is possible to release these negative emotions. It’s one of the most rewarding parts of my work and can be life changing.

By releasing the emotions, it allows you to be in charge of your behaviour. Your perception completely changes. You’re able to better articulate your position, and expectations when the emotional charge is gone. People are more likely to listen and appreciate your perspective. This is an important part of being able to have a positive influence on others.

Healthy Emotional mini-checklist:

  1. You are able to receive feedback that differs from your opinion without a negative reaction.
  2. You’re able to express kindness before receiving it.
  3. You don’t hold a grudge and can let things go.
  4. You don’t intimidate people you have authority over including your children.
  5. Your moods aren’t influenced by traffic conditions.
  6. You don’t experience anxiety in everyday activity such as going to the doctor, meeting new people, driving through a tunnel.

If the above list does not describe you, and you find your emotions are holding you hostage, you may be interested in our Journey of a LifeTime workshop where we work with you to breakthrough your emotional limitations.

Through this program, you’ll be able to set your expectations high. and expect to feel calm, centered, and confident. Your success in life will no longer be limited by inappropriate emotional responses. You can create a life of health, wealth and inner peace.

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