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Can You Access Your Creativity Whenever You Need To?

This morning I was sitting in our hot tub with my husband, before starting my day . We often do this as it’s a great place to discuss our day and get focused and also share ideas. This morning, we were discussing the presentation I’m giving at the WBO (Women Business Owners) dinner meeting. They’ve asked me to speak about creativity and how essential oils can be used to stimulate our creativity. Although we do have a line of Aromatherapy, my husband is the creator of the blends so I wanted his input.

I started to really think about creativity and how it impacts our success. Creativity is a part of every new idea, and moves us from problem to solution. Because creativity is a natural process, for most people it comes on it’s own and leaves on it’s own, which can be frustrating when you’re faced with a project that you have to complete and creativity is no where to be found. The interesting thing about creativity is that it is stimulated by a specific brain speed. Even though it is something that is naturally occurring the exciting thing is that we can learn to control and shift our brain state to access specific states of mind.

I stumbled upon this years ago when I was creating a script for one of my CD’s. Up until that point, I felt I was only creative in the early morning. I would wake up and immediately go down to my office, half asleep and sit in front of my computer and begin typing. This worked well, except, for the fact that it limited me in my ability to create my script at any time of day. When you’re working to a deadline and are only able to produce at a certain time of day, it can be stressful.

One day I decided if I could do this early in the morning, I could do it at any time. I just had to figure out how. All I needed to do was reproduce the same mindset at will.

I noticed how relaxed I was and that I was still almost in that waking/sleeping state when things just flowed for me.

All I had to do was recreate that state and I would be able to access my creative juices on command. I began to play with this and sure enough, whenever I wanted to do some writing, or develop a new course, I would put myself in that deep relaxed state and I was able to access my creative flow. Believe it or not, when I worked in this state, rarely were there any edits.

From a scientific perspective, what I was actually doing was changing the speed of my brain waves. Our mind is so amazing and when we learn how to harness the power of our mind, we open ourselves up to a whole new world of possibility.

Changing our brain speed is a naturally occurring process. The lowest level of brain activity we encounter is Delta. We access Delta during sleep. As our brain speed increases, we access Theta. Theta is that special time between waking and sleeping, that time when we receive flashes of inspiration just before waking fully or just before falling asleep. Theta is an ideal state for some types of accelerated learning, positive suggestions, and self-healing. The next level is Alpha. This is where creativity and relaxation reside. By learning how to access the Alpha state purposefully, you are able to tap into your creativity at any time you choose. It is also used in accelerated learning. Training yourself to access Alpha is very useful as it greatly reduces stress. For most people, it is physiologically challenging to experience stress in Alpha and also Theta. The last level of brain speed I would like to share with you is Beta. Beta is our normal waking state. At this level, we often function in a more competitive state.

The most powerful aspect of this is that we can learn to change our brain speed. Some of the ways we can do that is through meditation, relaxation techniques, guided visualization, focused breathing techniques and for some people prayer.

Another very effective way to shift your brain speed is with essential oil blends. Based on the synergistic effect of the blends, we’re able to shift our brain state by stimulating the brain to naturally secrete the appropriate chemical response.

For me it all goes back to the power of the mind and a reminder that the more we learn to take control of our mind and our responses, the more we’re able to create what we want in our business and our life.

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