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Are you a good communicator?
What would others say?

Most people think they are good communicators. Yet most people are unaware of the entire message they are sending. The result — reduced productivity, low morale and fewer sales.

We can show you how to breakthrough communication barriers to a level that really gets your point across. Don’t let faulty communication skills stunt the growth of your company. Learn more about Breakthrough Skills from The Robinson Group.

Training Opportunity

NLP Practitioner Certification Training
& Breakthrough Leadership™

Inspire • Motivate • Influence

Are you tired of reading the books, going to the workshops, watching the videos and still not having the tools, techniques and skills to make the changes you want to make in your life?

If so, the NLP Practitioner Certification Training may be what you’re looking for.

NLP is a model for creating excellence and is recognized internationally as the most effective way to remove unwanted emotions from the past, change your beliefs and create a new way of being.

You’ll learn ways of communicating that will enhance all your relationships, both personal and professional.

What’s Different about this Certification Training?

  • We incorporate the most current research in neuroscience and apply it in a practical way to get results.
  • You’ll learn the most sophisticated communication skills that allow you to read between the lines and listen below the level of language for a deeper understanding.
  • You’ll get the practical experience in the training to give you the confidence to continue using the tools to change your life and the lives of others.
  • This certification is internationally recognized.

Modular Format – 3 weekends
September 28,29,30, October 19,20,21, November 2,3,4, 2018
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