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Stop the Overwhelm

7 Simple Steps to Peace of Mind

Do you feel inundated, overwhelmed and overloaded with external input? Do you have so many choices presented to you that you have no idea what choice to make? Join Lynn as she teaches you the 7 simple steps to Peace of Mind.

5 – 60 minute sessions
$197 CDN + HST

Date: TBA
12:00pm (Noon) PST

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 Course Details:
7 Simple Steps to Peace of Mind
5 Module Teleclass Program

Overwhelm seems to be a common challenge faced by many, and most people look in all the wrong places finding no relief. If this is something that you’re challenged with, you’ll want to learn these 7 Simple Steps to Peace of Mind.

This 5 module teleclass program is designed to give you a strategy for cutting through the noise and clarifying what’s the best choice for you. Meditation is a critical tool in this process. Learn how to still your mind so you’re able to connect to your inner guidance and connect to what you really want, who you are and what’s important to you. Relieve the stress that keeps you in a state of overwhelm. You’ll have a blueprint for making decisions that are aligned with who you really are and what’s important to you.Until you have this clarity, you will continue to be in a place of overwhelm.

Step 1

Clarifying Your Vision – What do you really want? Your vision is the picture that everything else hinges on. Learn how to make it come alive.
Step 2
Claiming your Identity – until you’re solid in who you are, other people will make you who they want you to be. Find your true identity.

Step 3
Aligning Your Values – When your top five values are compromised, you will always feel torn. Discover how to identify what your true values really are and how to resolve values that are causing inner conflict.

Step 4
Beliefs – Your beliefs are subtle and unconscious which is why they are so elusive. Learn a new way of uncovering your limiting beliefs and shifting them to supporting beliefs.

Step 5
Capabilities and skills – How are you going to achieve your vision? What skills do you have and what do you need?
Step 6
Behaviours – What are the patterns that you consistently run that sabotage your goals and dreams? What emotional baggage have you been carrying with you that are weighing you down? Learn how to overcome and override these patterns.

Step 7
Environment – What needs to change in your environment? How will you support yourself in achieving your vision? Evaluate all the factors in your life in terms of your vision.

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