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NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training

Do conflicts with values still plaque you? Do sales still elude you?   The NLP Master Practitioner Certification training course will speed your attainment of unconscious competence in NLP. NLP Master Practitioner Certification training is about mastery and learning from a higher logical level. You’ll learn advanced NLP applications for use in both personal and professional contexts of your life.

Prerequisite: NLP Practitioner Certification
Invest in yourself: $3997 CDN

Offered in the following format(s):

12 Day Modular Weekend Format (4 weekends)

Dates TBA

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Learn how to release anxiety, change your limiting beliefs and stop letting people push your buttons so that you can transform your relationships, advance in your career or business and create your desired self-image.

This program is excellent for coaches, trainers looking to grow their business and launch a successful coaching or training business. The tools and techniques will allow you to choose the most appropriate clients, hire the most appropriate employees, and build your business.

Ideal Participant: Senior Executives, Business Owners, Consultants, Sales Executives, HR Personnel, Managers, Business Coaches, Business Leaders

Bonus: Unique to The Robinson Group Training, your NLP Master Practitioner Certification includes:
1) TimeLine Techniques (TM). This is the most powerful tool available to assist people in eliminating negative emotional responses to life’s challenges, and is included in the 12 day training.
2) Hypnosis Certification. Learn advanced Hypnosis protocols, tools and techniques that are transformational for your clients.

Topics Covered:

  • Advanced language patterns for conversational change
  • Beyond Words: Language change through the quantum field for HNLP™
  • Conversational Interviewing Techniques
  • Advanced Sales Techniques
  • Slight of Mouth patterns
  • Advanced submodalities
  • Meta programs: to predict, influence and motivate behaviour
  • Aligning values and beliefs for top achievement
  • Values interview
  • Resolving values conflicts
  • Personal breakthrough sessions
  • Advanced strategy work
  • Modeling excellence
  • Change work using Logical Levels
  • Aligning mission, vision and purpose
  • Advanced clearing techniques
  • Thorough review of Practitioner material

“The results have been beyond my wildest dreams. Every single person in attendance had aspects of their lives transformed – whether it was letting go of unsupportive beliefs, habits or emotions or developing successful communication skills.”
-Anna Christensen, Inward Bound

“Lynn, you have a gift of insight, perception and presense that allows individuals to access information that they did not have access to on their own. In my case, working with you has helped me break through self-created barriers and self-destructive thought patterns. Your non-judgemental questions are so powerful that they force me to really look deep inside to find out what beliefs I hold and how to shift those beliefs to new behaviours. In a nutshell, you have been an integral part of my healing journey towards self-love, better relationships and meaningful work.”
-Cheryl Cran, CSP

“Having just completed the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner I am already noticing improvemets in communicating with my clients. I am amazed and very pleased at how I am able to better determine the needs of my clients and now have more refined tools to assist me in my clinical evaluation and effective treatments to assist my clients to reach their desired outcomes and obtain life changing results within a few sessions. I feel NLP completes my training as a clinical hypnotherapist. Thanks Lynn!”
-Bonnie Goldstone Help For Hormones

Register Now:

Invest in yourself: $3997 CDN

Offered in the following format(s):

12 Day Modular Weekend Format (4 weekends)

Dates TBA

Register Now
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