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Design Your Destiny

Do your goals remain unfulfilled? Maybe you’ve noticed that you are unmotivated or not fully committed to the things you say you want from life.

2 Day Workshop – $1197 CDN + HST
Dates: Sept. 17 & 18/11
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Course Details:
Our lives are increasingly hectic and pressure filled. Many of us feel stressed about our life goals or lack the time to accomplish them. You can change all this. You can take control and Design Your Destiny. In this intensive two day course taught by Master Practitioner Lynn Robinson, you will:

  • Discover what’s holding you back
    Eliminate negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Learn how to permanently change your behaviour
    Our behaviour is influenced by our past and affects our future. Our actions (and inactions) are based on conscious and unconscious beliefs we have built about ourselves. Design Your Destiny will give you the tools to permanently transform your behaviour, attitude and interaction with others.
  • Erase self-defeating patterns
    Are your emotions and reactions on auto-pilot? Do you know that what you’re saying or doing is destructive to you and others, but don’t know how to stop? Some participants consider this technique the most life-changing for them.
  • Unleash your full potential
    Discover a wealth of motivation you may have never thought you had, which will enable you to unleash your full potential by discovering choices and new opportunities.
  • Clarify your vision of the future
    Get clear on what you really want and learn how to bridge the gap between your dreams and your reality.

“Powerful skills in all aspects of life! Lynn’s training is key in assisting individuals to connect with their unique excelllence, living a life with purpose and passion. It’s the full meal deal to the max! Amazing teaching, incredible people, beautiful, peaceful setting – it’s a wow every time!” Toby Pennington – ReMax Allpoints

Don’t just hope good things will happen. DESIGN YOUR DESTINY will show you how to MAKE them happen. Enjoy dramatic, lasting results both personally and professionally. Results that will have a positive impact on your income and well-being allowing you to benefit from an even better quality of life.

“Hands on, Caring, Out of the box.” Rish Koya

“I loved learning how to release negative emotions. I can’t imagine any more. I’m in overload with ideas and excitement!” Julia LaForge

“I enjoyed the intimacy of the group! I loved the information I received this weekend. I truly believe that I have had a life changing experience with my new found thoughts, values and beliefs. I will take with me once once I leave this room will truly help me achieve the success I desire in my life.” Bobby Uppal

“Phenomenal. Very revealing about what’s limiting/stopping me from being what I want to be. The tools are a great way to open up opportunities, see yourself in a completely different way and move forward.” Dianne Jamieson-Noel

“It was by far the most valuable training that I have gotten in my life. Now I finally have a desire and inner peace and happiness that I deserve.” Keon Kim

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