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Daytime and Evening Guided Meditations

The Daytime and Evening Guided Meditations are designed to help you focus on your day, as well as get the clarity you need to set and achieve your goals and outcomes. It also helps you recharge, and rejuvenate yourself. The first track gets you focused for the day. It helps you find your inner balance and allows you to consciously take control of your day. The second track helps you to end your day in a peaceful way. It helps to clear the internal chatter so that you awaken feeling refreshed. This product is available to download and in hard copy.

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Daytime and Evening Guided Meditations

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This product will enhance your performance and well being by consistently filling yourself with positive input. Track One, you will be guided to begin your day by seeing a clear outcome for the day. It will also help you throughout the day if you are feeling overwhelmed, tired or off track. It will enhance performance, create a focused direction, activate a resourceful state of mind and develop a solution focused mindset. Track Two will help you eliminate the inner chatter, drift off into a peaceful sleep, and guide you in revisiting your day, releasing any negativity from the day and learning from your experiences. Listening to this will replenish your body so that you awaken feeling rested and ready to take on the new day.

Recorded by Master Trainer of NLP, Lynn Robinson, The Robinson Group CEO.

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