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Operations and People Management in the Face of Change

A Customized Program

This extensive, in-depth course explores key operational aspects of business management for executives. It introduces concepts and strategies related to various stages of business growth – from recruiting new employees and building corporate culture to managing change and building team resilience. This course also equips participants for dealing with mergers, conducting reviews and preparing reports to effectively monitor and track company growth.

Course Components

Module 1 – Team-Building and Corporate Culture (12 hours)

Focuses on the foundations of building a strong team and fostering trust and loyalty in collaborative environments. Introduces key concepts and techniques in relationship management. Teaches best practices of influencing, motivating and engaging team members for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Module 2 – Change Management (12 hours)

Covers effective tools and techniques for managing change in organizations. Deals with key concepts and practices related to delegation, decision-making, conflict management and negotiation. Introduces techniques for effective, results-driven brainstorming.

Module 3 – Hiring The Right Employees (12 hours)

Introduces the concept of company culture, and helps employees identify some of the company’s salient cultural traits. Explores key strategies for hiring employees that fit the company culture. Delves into best practices for recruiting and onboarding. Introduces a system for identifying motivation, work and management traits, among others, in potential employees.

Module 4 – Staff Retention (12 hours)

Building on the previous modules, this section covers key techniques for keeping staff motivated, engaged and productive. It focuses on identifying various motivating factors, and introduces best practices related to strengthening and upholding a high-performance organizational culture.

Module 5 – Advanced Communication Skills (12 hours)

Covers the intricacies of intra-organizational communication, including the art of asking questions, actively listening to interlocutors, and dealing with difficult people and situations. Introduces different communication styles and practical best practices for conversing with those who are different from oneself.

Module 6 – Resilience in the Workplace (12 hours)

Explores various methodologies for improving resilience in difficult or stressful situations. Introduces the necessary steps for developing a bounce back strategy for recuperating from adverse situations and/or circumstances.

Module 7 – Change Management (12 hours)

Building on previous modules, this section introduces a five-step process for successfully introducing change within organizations. This includes managing unforeseen change and dealing with negative pushback from team members with respect to implementation of new processes and/or practices.

Module 8 – Mergers (12 hours)

This module provides key strategies and methodologies for dealing with company mergers. It explores ways of overcoming post-merger challenges, change assessment and implementation of new policies.

Module 9 – Performance Reviews (12 hours)

Enables participants to plan and conduct performance reviews within their organization. Focuses on various stages from preparation, evaluation, communication, expectation-setting and employee guidance.

Module 10 – Writing Effective Reports (12 hours)

Explores why effective reports are key to successful project management. Instructs on writing reports for different audiences (including purpose, structure, content, tone) and addresses the balance between ‘too much’ and ‘too little’ information. Includes examples of reports written for different audiences, which trainees are required to assess and improve.

Cost: per person $7,895 +GST

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