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Leadership and Communication Skills for Building Strong Client Relations

This program has been designed for those in the company whose responsibilities are primarily client facing. As such, these individuals are – consciously or subconsciously – the face of the company to a wide multitude of stakeholders. They are required to liaise continually between the senior executives, internal departments, and numerous clients. They must problem-solve, practice active listening, promote collaboration, provide excellent customer service, and communicate effectively with many others in the company. To succeed in this role, a professional presence and strong communication skills are essential in order to represent the culture of the company and lead by example. This course aims to teach these client-oriented employees to become solutions-oriented; effective team players; strong communicators with internal and external stakeholders; key contributors to company culture; and leaders by example.

All participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program.

The program can be customized to suit your needs by selecting from the following modules:

Module 1

Knowing your Communication style
Flexibility in your communication to achieve outcomes
Barriers to listening
Active listening skills

Hours: 6

Module 2

Break through communication barriers
Rapport skills to build trust and loyalty
How to deal with difficult clients
Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
The power of words
Influential language

Hours: 6

Module 3

Four levels of communicating
Communication myths that limit your results
Clearly communicate your message
Adapt your communication for results
Asking questions vs telling to get buy in

Hours: 6

Module 4

Effective tools and techniques for managing conflicting priorities
Decision making techniques
Conflict management
Excellence in client care
Keys to superior customer service

Hours: 6

Module 5

Your role as part of the team
Developing good team work ethics
Fostering collaboration and co-operation
Problem solving strategies
Leading by example

Hours: 6-18

Cost: The TRG Leadership and Communication Skills for Building Strong Client Relations is $375 per hour. Pricing is based on a maximum of 10 participants.

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