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Effective Post-Merger Change Management

A Customized Program

This course is designed to provide staff members with fundamental concepts and practical skills for dealing with corporate mergers or other organizational restructuring. It explores different approaches to managing change within an expanding organization, and provides strategies for performing well in these new environments.

Participants learn how to adjust their roles and responsibilities in light of a merger, be recognized in a larger team environment, and identify and address problem areas within their departments. This program also introduces key communication styles and techniques for respectfully and professionally dealing with each other.

Course Components

Module 1: Change Management (40 hours)

Equips participants with effective tools and techniques for managing change in the workplace, especially after a merger or other corporate restructuring. Participants learn about adjustments to company values, best practices for dealing with new intra-organizational relationships and developing trust in new corporate executives. The module teaches staff to view a merger as an opportunity for continued growth where a strong collaborative environment must be fostered. It also explores various ways of measuring resilience, as well as concrete ways to become more resilient in the face of organizational change.

Module 2 – Team Development (40 hours)

Prepares participants for adapting to a new and larger corporate team. Teaches delegation techniques, brainstorming methods, and the most effective ways for adjusting responsibilities after a corporate merger. This module will touch on workflow development, including various approaches to designing and maintaining a functional workflow. Participants also learn how to identify and evaluate problem areas, as well as best practices for helping teams take ownership for problem areas and working together to improve them.

Module 3 – Communication (40 hours)

Explores key styles and techniques for effective communication with colleagues and managers in expanding organizations. Participants learn the intricacies of different communication styles, including how to identify and converse with each. Actively listening and conveying thoughts and arguments respectfully, especially in challenging situations, is a central focus of this module

Cost: per person $7,895 +GST

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